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Pastor RJ's Page
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There are many things in life to be thankful for.  We are all thankful for family and friends.  We are all thankful for the church community.  We are all thankful for a roof over our heads, food on our plates, and money in our pocket. 
Part of the worship experience is giving thanks.  It’s why we include the offering in our services.  This goes back to the time of Adam when Cain and Abel brought their offerings before the Lord.  It’s more than just saying thank you, it’s a call to give our best in order to honor God.  God required a spotless lamb during Passover not just to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus, but to also remind us that a perfect God needs a perfect offering to honor our God. 
Why do we honor God with offerings?  God is the author of life.  God wakes us up in the morning.  God provides for our needs.  Giving back to God should be a natural response because of just these reasons. 
That’s why we should never give recklessly or flippantly.  When we put something in the offering plate we need to ask ourselves “is this bringing honor to God?”  We need to ask ourselves “is my heart attitude one that wants God to be worshipped with what I have to offer?”
This season of stewardship please ask yourselves these questions before you decide what to give for the year.  Please pray over your pledge and ask God what would bring honor and glory to God.  Sometimes we need to reflect on why we are giving and who we are giving it to.

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Meet Pastor RJ

Rev. RJ Leek has served Gwynedd Square Presbyterian for over three years.  Rev. Leek is a graduate of Dubuque Theological Seminary and began his career in Youth Ministry. He has been in full time ministry for over 21 years, and Head of Staff for the past 10 years. 

He enjoys weightlifting, comic books, movies, history and following his favorite college and professional sports teams.  He has been married to Trisha, his college sweetheart for over 26 years.  They have three children Claire, Robbie and Chloe.

 Feel free to stop by the office anytime to talk, tell a few jokes or chat about the latest Star Wars movie.

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