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Pastor RJ's Page
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Did you know the oldest book in the Bible is Job?  Scholars have varying opinions on the origin of Job.  There are some who think Job was a play or drama.  Some think Job was an actual person.  Some scholars think Job is a conglomerate of stories edited together and unified in the person of Job.  There are a few who think Job was an alien from another planet.  I should stop reading the internet.
Job teaches us several important lessons in life.  The lesson that stands out to me most is I am not the center of the universe.  It’s easy to forget this lesson.  With so many voices telling each one of us we are the focal point of the world’s attention, is it any wonder we get frustrated when things do not go our way? 
One of the errors Job and his friends made was thinking our actions or inaction somehow dictate blessing or prosperity.  Remember when Job’s friends asked Job to repent and ask God what it was that caused Job’s suffering?  Job could think of nothing.  His friends knew if Job would confess this hidden transgression, God would restore Job.  This type of thinking makes us self-centered and leads to self-righteousness.  God plainly states no one is above the law and worthy to judge another person. 
Churches fall into this trap.  We often forget that the first priority of every church is the worship of God and not personal or community entertainment.  That’s not to say new ideas are not needed or we find non-traditional ways to worship God.  We must remember that at the end of the day worship service is not to please our need not to be bored or feel good but to bring glory and honor to God. God is to be glorified despite our suffering.  God is to be glorified despite our hardships.  God is to be glorified despite persecution.  God is to be glorified regardless.
God’s blessings begin when we become selfless.  Worship teaches us that selflessness leads to fulfillment and fulfillment leads to contentment and peace. 
The next time you get up on a Sunday and do not feel like going to church, remember worship is not about you and your feelings.  Worship is about glorifying and honoring God.  When we allow our feelings to control our relationship with God, we start to move God out of the number one spot in our lives and put ourselves there. 
~Pastor RJ 

Meet Pastor RJ

Rev. RJ Leek has served Gwynedd Square Presbyterian for over four years.  Rev. Leek is a graduate of Dubuque Theological Seminary and began his career in Youth Ministry. He has been in full time ministry for over 21 years, and Head of Staff for the past 10 years. 

He enjoys weightlifting, comic books, movies, history and following his favorite college and professional sports teams.  He has been married to Trisha, his college sweetheart for over 26 years.  They have three children Claire, Robbie and Chloe.

 Feel free to stop by the office anytime to talk, tell a few jokes, or chat about the latest Star Wars movie.

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