GSPC Deacons Thank you for all of your  Contributions during the holiday season!
Thank you to all of those who showed the love of Jesus to those in need by contributing their time, their gifts, and their treasures this past holiday season. Through you, GSPC made a difference in of people’s lives.
The Deacons’Angel Tree supplied a total of 151 gifts to children at theVillage and Hope Prison Ministries, as well as to families served by the Keystone Opportunity Center.
Though your contributions to the Deacons’ Fund and the multigenerational volunteers during Advent Night, GSPC was also able to supply 43 pasta dinners to Aid for Friends, lots of family-sized rice bags to Hope Prison Ministries, and six gallons of soup with 18 pounds of snack mix to Manna on Main Street. The Deacons’ Fund also provided gifts for six children and two adults served by the Northwest Human Services in Lansdale, $600 in Gift Cards for Manna on Main Street, as well as six Highlights magazine subscriptions to be raffled to families served by Manna on Main Street.
One very effective way for the members of Gwynedd Square Church to grow our congregation is to provide important services to our surrounding community. We are already doing so through several of our missions and we now have new opportunities for service through Habitat for Humanity’s Almost Home Program.
This unique financial literacy program aims to help families become financially stable. Financial literacy skills are not taught in school systems, resulting in a large knowledge gap when it comes to money management. Habitat receives hundreds of applications for its Home Buying and Critical Home Repair programs, but often families are not financially stable enough to qualify for these programs.
The Almost Home Program works with families over an 8-week intensive program to set goals, learn skill sets, and change financial behaviors. Topics covered address the primary skills needed to achieve financial and housing stability, including budgeting, credit, cash flow, debt, project management, dealing with legal issues, planning for retirement, managing student loans, purchasing insurance, writing a resume, obtaining employment, and buying a home.
In addition to group classes, each participant works one-on-one with a financial coach to review his/her current financial situation and create a success plan. Financial coaches work with families for a minimum of four hours over the 8-week course and continue to work with the family for one year following the program. Also, Habitat offers childcare and meals free of charge during the program sessions to ensure that a diversity of families can access the services.

There are several ways for us to help:
-Coach families
-Teach a class
-Provide child care during a class
-Prepare a meal for a class
More information will be provided through the weekly bulletin as class dates are set and specific assignments become known.
The Mission and Stewardship Team welcome those interested in participating in the planning stages of Almost Home. Please contact the church office for more information.